The Trash Of The Internet

About Me

Hello netizens welcome to my webpage. First of all the reason of making this website is my nostalgia and passion of old internet. And I want to use it as my personal site/blog.

  • Personal Information

Age 22 / 08.08.1999
Residence Turkey, İstanbul
Study Mechanical Engineering
Hobbies Tech
Drawing/Pixel Art
3d Modeling/Sculpting
Languages Turkish/Türkçe
Japanese/日本語 - Beginner

My name is Uğur, I am 22 years old mechanical engineer. I live in Turkey, İstanbul. I have always been a lonely person. People always thinked that i am weird since i am pretty introvert and quiet. I have always liked computer and tech stuff i wanted to study computer engineering but since i can learn it by myself i chose mechanical engineering. This is my last year in university and it was really hard at the begining because i had no idea about mechanical stuff. I met with pc and internet so early in my life and get obsessed. I like to draw i worship to pixel art and i also enjoy 3d modeling-sculpting.

  • Music

Doom metal is my jam i really like doom metal and it's subgenres like funeral doom, atmospheric doom, gothic doom, etc. I am into atmospheric black metal too, i like black metal but raw black metal is my least favorite. I enjoy atmosphere, ambient, dark ambient in songs. I love dungeon synth :)

Here's my metal tier list:
Metal Tier List
(Death metal is B tier i forgot to add it.)

Some of my favorite band for each genres:

(There are shit ton of bands i know and i also can't really favorite things they are all so unique for me. So i just wrote first bands that came into my mind.)

Funeral Doom:

Skepticism, Shape Of Despair, Pantheist, Esoteric, Thergothon, Mournful Congregation.

Doom Metal:

Type O Negative, My Dying Bride, Jesu, Monolord, Cough, Reverend Bizarre, Swallow The Sun.

Atmospheric Black Metal:

Summoning, Midnight Odyssey, Sadness, Mesarthim, Spell Of Dark, Aara.

Post Metal:

Agalloch, Pelican, Cult Of Luna, Amenra, The Moth Gatherer, ISIS, Alcest.

I also like shoegaze, chiptune, post-rock, japanese jazz, electronic music but not like trap or any other shit like these days.

  • Video Games

I like RPG, JRPG, Platform, Metroidvania and Retro games. My least favorite game genre is FPS i tried almost every mainstream FPS game but i just don't like them. Some of my favorite games are Minecraft, Spore, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Castlevania, Super Mario Bros. etc.

  • Art

I have always liked drawing/art but when i became teenager i realized that i have hyperhidrosis which gives me extremely sweaty hands and feet and it ruined my drawing life and all other hobbies done with hands. I am thinking of buying graphics tablet when i got my first job I also want to make 3d modeling and sculpting with it. I love pixel art and PC-98 graphics.

  • Languages

I just love exploring internet in other languages and communicating with other people all around the world. That's why i like to learn new languages.